1. Her birthday is June 9.

2. She hopes to be the first one in her family to travel around the world before she is 20 years old.

3. She likes to wear hats all year.

4. She has fun with friends when eating out… she puts a french fry under her nose to make a mustache.

5. She tried to cheer Poppa up when he was sick by pretending to be a majorette when she doesn’t even know how to twirl a baton.

6. She likes to pretend she is different objects…such as… a pencil, a rocking chair, and sometimes a suitcase.

7. She still likes to climb on stuff because she wants to be at the top so she can see everything.

8. She likes to cook but is messy in the kitchen.

9. She uses ink pens or straws as a microphone when singing in the car.

10. She comes up with all kinds of inventions…things like a buggy collector for parking lots.

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