Meet my family

and friends!


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is Traveling Teresa's grandmother. She is a world traveler and has traveled to many places, but her favorite place is her home! She is old-fashioned, a bit quirky, very domestic, but has some surprisingly modern ways.

When she was younger, she had her camera with her wherever she went. Picture taking was her favorite hobby along with painting and spending time on the beach. She loves her family very much and adores Traveling Teresa.



Poppa is Traveling Teresa's grandfather. He is a very rugged guy. He used to love hiking in the mountains. Lately, he prefers going to the beach and spending lots of time with Sweet Pea and Traveling Teresa. Many days he can be found in his workshop making furniture, picture frames, and even toys. Poppa is very giving and is generous with his time. Helping others is his absolute favorite thing to do.



Charlie's favorite things to do are painting, playing outside, kicking a soccer ball, swinging at the park, laughing, and spending time on the beach. He is Autistic and struggles with his speech. Others have trouble understanding him and a few even make fun of him. This makes him feel sad. However, when Traveling Teresa is around, she helps him out and that makes him feel much better and happy again.

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Little Red Suitcase

Little Red Suitcase has been around a long, long time. Some say before she was a suitcase, she used to be a flying carpet from the Far East. She is filled with mystery and some magic along with many postcards and souvenir items from traveling all over the world. Her upholstery fabric really does feel like an old carpet. Not everyone can open her lock, only a female in Teresa's family line who knows the answer to a certain riddle can ever gain entry.



Chloe has been Traveling Teresa's best friend since first grade and lives a few houses down from her. She is extremely smart and loves summertime and having fun with her friends. 



Alphonso has military parents, where his mom is American and his dad is Japanese. Alphonso speaks English and Japanese and is moving to a small town in Florida. 



Gloria loves spending time with her huge family and her friends. She is very stylish and loves to swim, take pictures, and play with her cat, dog, and hamster! 



Blaze is the fastest runner in school and the fastest on the bike! He can be a tough guy, but he is really kind. His sister has learning disabilities, and he loves hanging out with Traveling Teresa's little brother Tyler and their friend, Charlie. 



Clementine has been Traveling Teresa's friend since 2nd grade! Clementine likes to ride her bike with Blaze and loves her caps and overalls. Even though she's more of a tomboy, she aspires to be a model when she grows up! Clementine is kind and everyone can't help but love her. 



Tyler is Traveling Teresa's little brother and loves spending time with Poppa in the workshop and is learning woodworking skills. He also loves to sneak Sweet Pea's fresh-baked cookies when spending time with Blaze and Charlie. 

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