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1. My birthday is June 9.


2. I hope to be the first one in my family to travel around the world before I’m 25 years old.


3. I love wearing quirky hats and sunglasses.


4. I have fun with friends when eating out… I like to put a french fry under my nose to make a mustache.


5. I tried to cheer Poppa up when he was sick by pretending to be a majorette when I don’t even know how to twirl a baton.


6. I like to pretend I’m different objects…such as…a pencil, a rocking chair, and sometimes a suitcase.


7. I like to climb hills and mountains because I love the view from the top.


8. Baking with Sweet Pea is one of my favorite things to do, but I’m so messy in the kitchen.

9. When I sing in the car, I use a pen, straw, flashlight, or even a candy bar for my microphone.


10. I like to create all kinds of quirky inventions in my mind….like a pea sorter and book page-turner.

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