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“Kindness is like a warm coat, everyone can use one.”

~Sweet Pea


Beginnings of the Little Red Suitcase


​"My favorite part of the story is learning about Teresa’s ancestors, specifically Princess Ziba. It is my favorite part because of the interesting adventures she goes on, but more importantly because this section leaves me wanting to know more. While I realize this book may be for young children, as an adult I found it to be very engaging and feel it could be a good read for people of all ages."

-Susan Edwards / Magras Literary Entertainment


“I enjoyed reading the book and the adventures helped to keep me interested in reading. My favorite part of the story is when Princess Ziba travels to the new world. It reminds me of what we have learned in history, which is one of my favorite subjects in school.”


-Katelyn, Age 12


 "In this fun and engaging story Teresa visits her grandparents with her brother, Tyler, in hopes of discovering more about the little red suitcase. Will her grandmother finally tell her the origins of the suitcase? Are there more adventures to be had? Read the book and find out! I thought it was a cute, engaging story. It made me think of my own visits with my grandparents." 

-Carrie, Parent

Mystery of the Little Red Suitcase


"I love your book. It's great! I read it twice last night. I want everybody to get this book because they need their own copy!"

- Randy Clark, Host of WOIL TV47 DAYBREAK  Employment Opportunities Show


"I enjoyed the book very much. The descriptions are vivid, and the characters are unique and heartwarming. There is even a surprise element to the plot that leaves the reader with unanswered questions. There is definitely room for expanding the concept into a series."

-Dana, Parent


"My favorite part is when Teresa goes to Paris because I have always wanted to go to Paris. It made me feel good while I was reading it because I want to travel sometimes too.  I was wondering what would happen next because especially after she found the suitcase."

- Mary Charles, age 7


"Traveling Teresa is a fantastic blend of some challenging vocabulary words, an entertaining plot, lovable characters, and of course, just a hint of magic and mystery! I found myself reflecting upon my own fond childhood memories as I read."

-Dana, Parent


"I felt like I was looking through Traveling Teresa's eyes because the story was so descriptive!"


 - Kenleigh, age 9

Blakely, age - 6 1/2
Scarlett, age 7

Traveling Teresa Chronicles
Our Happy Readers

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