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What do you like to do for fun?

Send me a letter telling me about your favorite adventures!



My name is Teresa, and I’m ten years old! I have several favorite things I love. Being kind to others is my all-time favorite thing. Spending time with my Sweet Pea and Poppa gives me so much joy. I also love to read about the different places in the world. I hope to travel the ENTIRE world someday! My family and friends gave me the nickname

Traveling Teresa because traveling is pretty much all I talk about. Taking pictures of my world is a fun hobby, and one day, I may decide to be a professional photographer.



Chloe has been Traveling Teresa's best friend since kindergarten. They live in the same neighborhood, so they get together often. Chloe loves summer. She is kind, somewhat quirky, like Traveling Teresa, and very smart. Chloe has an older brother, has won several Spelling Bee championships, and has an extensive rock collection. She loves her rocks and hopes her job as a grown-up will be studying the processes that form and transform rocks.



Gloria has a super kind heart. She loves spending time with her large family and friends. Gloria is a style maven and knows a lot about the leading designers and style houses. She has several style magazine subscriptions. In addition, she is an excellent swimmer and hopes to qualify for the USA Olympic swim in the future.



Clementine has been Traveling Teresa's friend since second grade! She likes to play baseball and basketball with Blaze and Tyler in the park. Her favorite outfits almost always include a cap and overalls. Clementine can be a bit of a contradiction because as much as she loves sports, she also aspires to be a professional model when she grows up! She has already started booking modeling jobs. She is kind, and everyone can't help but love her.



Alphonso is new to Sandy Breeze relocating from Japan. He has military parents. His mom is Afro-American, and his dad is Japanese. Alphonso is fluent in English and Japanese. He loves to read books on time traveling. Science is his favorite subject.



Tyler is Traveling Teresa's little brother. He loves spending time with their grandfather Poppa because he admires him very much. They spend many hours in Poppa’s workshop, where Tyler is acquiring woodworking skills. Tyler wants to be a top-notch architect when he grows up. Along with Poppa, he also loves to be Sweet Pea’s official cookie taste-tester.



Poppa is married to Sweet Pea. He is Traveling Teresa and Tyler's grandfather. Poppa is a very rugged guy and used to love hiking in the mountains. Lately, he prefers going to the beach and spending lots of time with Sweet Pea, Teresa, and Tyler. Most days, Poppa can be found in his workshop making furniture, picture frames, and even toys. Poppa is very giving and generous with his time. Helping others is his absolute favorite thing to do.



Sweet Pea is Traveling Teresa's grandmother. She is a world traveler who has traveled extensively. However, her favorite place is her home. Old-fashioned, a bit quirky, and very domestic, she does have some surprisingly modern ways. As a young girl, she carried her camera everywhere! Nowadays, baking, painting, or spending time at the beach with her beloved family is what Sweet Pea loves.

sweet pea.png


Charlie loves painting, playing outside, kicking a soccer ball, swinging at the park, laughing, and spending time on the beach. He is Autistic and struggles with his speech. Others have trouble understanding him, and a few even make fun of him. Because this makes him feel sad, he rarely ever speaks. However, he and Traveling Teresa have a special bond. They understand each other. He is happiest when they are together.



Blaze is the fastest runner in the fourth grade. He is also a super-fast bike rider! While he appears rough around the edges, he is genuinely really kind. His sister has learning disabilities, and he loves hanging out with Traveling Teresa's little brother Tyler and their friend, Charlie. He loves to fish with his dad and uncles and is pretty good at it.

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