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Traveling Teresa book series ocean view

Hey there, Friends! It's me, Traveling Teresa!
Where in the whole wide world do you dream of traveling?
I travel all over the world using my imagination and my Top secret

Join my adventures! Sweet Pea, Poppa, and all the gang are waiting for you!

Characters from Traveling Teresa's book series

Travel, create, learn, and explore.
Traveling Teresa Chronicles series is for kids ages 7-12.
Use your wonderful imagination while reading our books. 

Our stories are filled with examples of kindness, love of grandparents and grandchildren, friendship,
and a good dose of mystery. 

Start collecting your copies

from the series today!

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Traveling Teresa Chronicles: Beginnings of the Little Red Suitcase

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Traveling Teresa Chronicles: Mystery of the Little Red Suitcase

“We Love Traveling Teresa!”

"I like the book because I have wanted to travel places just like Teresa. My favorite part was when she goes to Paris because I have always wanted to go to Paris!"

Mary Charles, age 7


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