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My sweet, kind granddaughter

Dinner served by my sweet and kind granddaug

I had been having a busy week.

My sweet eight-year-old granddaughter Hannah came to spend some time with me. It was great because we got to spend more time together than usual. We read books, colored pictures, and laughed at funny things on the iPad, but most of all, we had many interesting talks about all sorts of fun and different things.

Typically we ran errands, visited my mother, or even took in some local sites where there may be some fun things she and I could do. Well, I’ve been having some trouble with my back hurting lately, and we talked about this. I explained to her that because it is so painful, I am unable to do much and have to remain a bit more inactive than usual. She assured me that she understood, and I could see she truly was concerned for me and wished I felt better.

Teresa Conville with her Granddaughter

Did I tell you what an amazing kid she is? I just love my sweet, kind granddaughter more than she'll ever know.


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