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A Small Act Of Kindness

Growing up and still living in Sylacauga, Alabama, is fantastic. Many of my family and friends live here, too. Having them so close created many fun memories, and there was never a dull moment whenever we got together. Spending time with our grandparents was something we all still cherish today. Many different values were instilled in us through our grandparents, with kindness being one of the most important.

Some of us have moved away as we have grown older, but we still try to stay connected. Our family means a lot to us, and keeping our ties close is especially important. We like to be there for each other when significant events like births, weddings, deaths, etc. happen in the family. 

potted flowers
Potted flowers

My dad, Gene, passed away in July 2023. Our extended friends and family were supportive like they have always been. We all loved Gene and loved spending time with him. A few of our relatives living in Georgia visited us shortly after Gene died. We were so happy to see them, and they brought us beautiful potted flowers. We all thought this was a simple, nice gesture. It brought huge smiles to our faces; flowers can certainly do that! I continue to be thankful for all the life lessons our parents and grandparents taught us. I’ve never forgotten how they always strived to lead by example. 

Thank you to my cousins for making a positive difference in our world.

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