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Not long ago, I broke my ankle. It was a very painful fracture. Mobility was challenging. Since I am a very independent person, I became immediately concerned. My family and I had a significant family trip coming up. My daughter had meticulously planned this trip for quite some time. It is not often that we all have the same free time to accomplish such a trip. 

On the bright side, the trip was a few weeks away. The doctor gave me a specific therapy course and a prognosis that sounded promising as long as I followed his orders. I conscientiously followed his instructions, hoping my ankle would heal enough for the family trip. I did not want to be the reason we could not go or to be dependent on others for help if we were able to go.

Finally, the day had arrived! While I had made some progress, I was still not fully healed. I would require a wheelchair to get around in the airport. As I have said before, I am quite an independent person, so needless to say, I realized I would require the help of others. Between my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and an airport assistance employee, I was able to get where I needed to be. Even my sweet granddaughter helped me.

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While in the elevator, after a short hike through part of the airport, my daughter looked at me and said, “Mom, you have helped so many people over the years, let us do this for you.”  I needed to hear this.

The words were so kind that they immediately brought tears to my eyes and made me feel very loved.

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